Saturday, June 19, 2010

I love Indigo

I didn't know Indigo is a color !!!

and it has meaning !!!

"Indigo MeaningIndigo is a rich, deep blue mixed with violet and produces a regal, noble and dignified colour. The meaning of indigo is that of intuition, wisdom, spiritual knowledge and inner communication.
Indigo Colour Personality
The indigo colour meaning linked to personality explains the character traits most associated with people who have indigo as a favourite colour.
So if you have a indigo colour personality you have an open, flexible and understanding nature. You are highly intuitive and can step into the shoes of others easily. Because of this you are sought after as a trusted friend and confidant. People see you as wise, knowledgeable and intelligent.
You are very sensitive and psychic and sense strongly the moods and emotions of others. Although you have friends and family around you, you sometimes prefer times of solitude. You like time and space to think, meditate and contemplate on all of life's mysteries. You are highly spiritual and like to live your life balancing your mind, body and soul.
If you have indigo as a favourite colour you are likely to have many friends and acquaintances that you interact with well but they seldom understand the real you.
On the downside of a indigo colour personality you can have a tendency to have low moods, which can lead to depression.
With indigo as a favourite colour you can be susceptible to addictions. "

So...i'm prone to addiction !!!'s possible :)